Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quote of the Moment - Marc Jacobs

'The way I define luxury isn't by fabric or fiber or the amount of gold bits hanging from it. That's an old definition. For me, luxury is about pleasing yourself, not dressing up for other people.'
- Marc Jacobs


Ian Brown said...

I had the opportunity to meet Marc Jacobs a few months ago at work. I didn't realize who he was until he left. He was looking pretty husky at the time with his hair growing out slightly and his salt and pepper.

kteeo said...

Maybe you didn't realize who he was because he isn't a legend in menswear like he is in womenswear, but the man has some good quotes to his name.

Terencesambowrites said...

This is one of the best definitions of luxury i've come across... Marc Jacobs is one in a million :o)